Welcoming Justice P. to Our Organization

Justice P. is new to Team Eclipse California, and we’d like to use this blog to give her a warm welcome. She’s the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for our firm and brings expertise in a number of marketing and communication platforms, public relations, and event planning. Having graduated from California State University – Fullerton with a degree in public relations, Justice models a learner’s mind-set and an optimistic attitude in everything she does.

Just before joining us, Justice worked for Costco, where she sharpened her skills in customer service and sales. Having a desire to take on new challenges and grow to her fullest potential, Justice is grateful to be part of a team where she can take on different roles and assist in different departments.

Moving forward, Justice is excited for the skills and experience she will get as well as the knowledge and practice. She is eager to work her way to the top and is enthusiastic for all the opportunities that await her at Eclipse California. She can’t wait to get her hands dirty with projects while working alongside team members who want to see her grow and succeed as much as she does.

In her spare time Justice enjoys trying new things, being active, and spending quality time with friends and family. Her favorite quote is, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will,” words we all find inspiring as well. Check out our Eclipse California Newswire feed to learn more about Justice and all of our incredible team members.