Major Plans for Summer Team Travel

We’ve always been committed to regular business travel, and our summer goal is to venture out even more with our Eclipse California colleagues. Austin, our firm’s President, explained that we’ll be heading to another state for a national meeting. He noted that we’ll also visit other offices for cross-training sessions. We’re excited to broaden our horizons this summer and set ourselves up for a record-breaking second half of 2019.

We’ve discovered that team travel carries many distinct benefits. Perhaps most importantly, it helps us learn more about our coworkers as people. When we attend conferences, networking events, and retreats, we see different sides of our colleagues’ personalities. We find that we share outside interests and passions. All of this adds up to even stronger teamwork when we return to the Eclipse California office.

When we visit new places, we do our best to enjoy everything they have to offer. It’s easy to grow closer to our colleagues by learning tricks of the trade at industry events, but checking out great restaurants, museums, and natural attractions creates a different type of camaraderie. Wherever we go, we maximize the area’s unique traits.

Of course, we also meet all kinds of likeminded people when we hit the road. It’s inspiring to be around other high achievers and learn what they do to sustain success in their own markets.

We’re ready to make the most of summer 2019 through fun team outings. Follow Eclipse California on Instagram for updates on our travel plans.