Eclipse California: Central Purpose
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How Eclipse California Transforms Outreach

Eclipse California has years of experience representing home enhancement businesses all over the nation.

We lead the way in customer acquisitions. Personal engagement sparks interest in top-level companies. We connect them with the right individuals for maximum conversions.

We serve some of the country’s biggest names in sustainable home solutions. Our approach to consulting is personalized. Eclipse California’s expertise is in taking the action out of the digital world and into real life. Our passion and professionalism dim the chaos of the marketplace to bring what matters most into focus.

The Principles Behind
Eclipse California


Industry Expertise

Eclipse California’s talented associates progress along a clear path to professional development. They acquire detailed knowledge from the ground up as they move to management level.


Innovative Thinking

Creativity keeps our outreach fresh. We challenge our people to raise the bar every day. They take risks and wield effective tools to secure high rates of conversion.



Our associates have keen communication skills. They start compelling discussions with targeted consumers, educating them about great services and assessing their eligibility. Our personal touch builds awareness and impact.



We coach our people to ensure their growth. In our vibrant Eclipse California culture, we combine expertise and commitment to maintain a top-notch group of business professionals.

High rates of acquisition result from meaningful conversations.

Discover how we spark interest.