What Makes Eclipse California The Right Place to
Build a Career

Eclipse California associates aren’t your average people. They have the perfect mix of positivity and drive.

Each of our professionals joined our firm with the goal of building a flourishing career in business. This is the place to do it. Learn how our associates benefit.

Eclipse California: Building Tomorrow’s Experts

Everyone within Eclipse California has the opportunity to sharpen the business basics needed to rise to management level.

We provide a comprehensive training program and personalized coaching to ensure that our people know how to oversee human capital and operational resources. Associates receive mastery of industry best practices and hands-on experience in producing everything related to customer acquisition solutions.


Professionals at the top of Eclipse California began their journeys at the same starting points as everyone else.

They had access to boundless support and guidance as they ascended the ranks. Now, they share their wisdom and feedback with young colleagues in return. All the best teachers were once great students, so our frontrunners are in prime position to share their skills with the next generation.


We thrive in an energetic and fun-loving culture, where communication is open and growth is encouraged.

We have the freedom to hear the ideas of everyone to produce innovative solutions that enhance customer acquisition success. Every question has value and brainstorming always leads to exciting outcomes. A healthy dose of competition adds to our atmosphere of achievement. Lasting success as a professional is attainable to all who put in the hard work.

& Fun

Our people enjoy travel. They have many chances to do so.

We send them to regional trainings and national conferences throughout the United States, where they visit and learn from colleagues in other offices. Trips like these are expressions of thanks to those who contribute to our growth.


Career Possibilities
at Eclipse California

Become one of the talented individuals who energize our company. You’ll quickly discover how Eclipse California has come to be the area’s consulting and home services leader.

Send your resume to careers@eclipsecaliforniainc.com to learn more about the available opportunities.