Turning Knowledge Into the Power to Succeed

When we say that the Eclipse California training program is thorough, we mean more than just, “Our people know their jobs.” Not only do we teach the skills needed for success in our field, but we share business 101 knowledge and even timeless life wisdom that helps our colleagues thrive in their career journeys.

For instance, networking is one of the most vital skills a person can have in business today, and we make this topic a keystone of our learning. We practice icebreakers, share insight into nonverbal cues, and roleplay conversations. Also, we cover the basics of following up, ensuring that all the effort that is put into contacting pays off.

All of this might be enough for some companies, but Team Eclipse California goes a step further. We give our executives chances to put their knowledge to practical use. We send them to regional trainings and weekend conferences throughout the U.S., where they visit and learn from colleagues in other offices. This helps turn the theories we teach into applied information and allows our team members to add like-minded business leaders to their professional networks.

When our people take the knowledge we share and use it to help themselves and our company grow, we say, “Thank you!” with development opportunities like travel. See our training and development programs in action by following Eclipse California on Instagram.