We’re SMART About Setting and Achieving Goals

Eclipse California’s learning program is the foundation of our success. We go beyond skills training and teach success strategies that will help our people achieve any goal they set for themselves, personal or professional.

In fact, how and why to set goals is one of our most important topics. “The feeling that a person is accomplishing something, that he or she is moving toward a desired outcome, this is what drives a goal-oriented person,” stated Austin, President of Eclipse California. “So we teach our associates to consider their motivations, turn those into objectives, and then create a clear vision of themselves as people who have accomplished whatever it is they want to accomplish. This image of success, and the feelings that it generates, are the fuels we need to push ourselves forward.”

Once a why has been determined, then it’s a matter of turning the desired outcome into a series of achievable action steps. To do this, Austin recommends using the acronym SMART. “SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-dependent,” Austin explained. “SMART is a way of taking a wish and turning it into a reality. For example, wanting to make more money is great, but it’s not a goal. Wanting to earn 15 percent more money in Q3 of 2018 than I did in 2017 is specific. I can then take this target and determine what I need to do between now and the end of the Q3 2018 to make this happen, because I have actual metrics and a timeline to work with.”

Goals are just one of the crucial topics we cover in our training program. Learn more about the ways we prepare our team members for success by following Eclipse California on Instagram.