Training to Succeed, Both Now and in the Future

When we consider what skills our people need to master, we assume everyone has grand plans for the future. While preparing our team members to excel in their current Eclipse California roles, we are also teaching them how to handle the duties that come with leadership.

For example, public speaking is one skill we teach as part of our Eclipse California training program. “In the digital age, there are fewer face-to-face interactions,” explained Austin, Eclipse California’s President. “That means fewer chances to practice expressing an idea out loud, whether it be to an audience of one or one thousand. Teaching our team members how to speak in public provides them with a competitive edge that will help them excel throughout their career journeys. They will be regarded as experts on any topic they choose by any size group.”

The ability to address an audience is also a powerful networking tool. When we share our ideas with self-assurance and poise, we make ourselves memorable to entire groups of potential contacts. Then, once our presentation is concluded, people in the crowd will come and introduce themselves to us!

By investing in our team members and their future success, we ensure that our firm will be competitive and relevant for many years to come. Learn more about our commitment to personal and professional development by liking Eclipse California on Facebook.