Build People, and Success Will Follow

Our approach to talent development is one of the pillars of our success. We provide our team members with access to all the knowledge required for them to thrive through our Eclipse California training system.

One of the reasons our learning program is so effective is because our managers are promoted from within. They began their Eclipse California career journeys in entry-level roles just like everyone else and worked their way through different positions. This gives them practical knowhow about the way our company works that couldn’t be learned any other way. All the best teachers were once great students, and our frontrunners are in prime position to share their skills with each new group of associates.

Another trait of our training system that makes it so useful is that we go beyond basic business and job skills. Instead, we take a more holistic approach, and teach our executives how to think and behave like leaders. For example, networking is a skill we teach, though there isn’t a position titled “Networker” with our firm. With a strong connection base, our people can sharpen their talents and become capable leaders. Effective communication, follow-up, and organization are all required when creating a professional network, which are useful skills in leadership roles as well.

We’re committed to helping our team members achieve their potential. Learn more about our focus on training by liking Eclipse California on Facebook.