Three Good Reasons to Join Our Team

Eclipse California is growing, and so is our team! We are looking for people who are self-motivated and bring a new-school attitude to their work – innovation is appreciated here.

“Everyone is welcome to share their ideas on how to produce creative solutions that might enhance our success,” stated Austin, President of Eclipse California. “Even from people who are just starting with us, I want to hear their thoughts on ways we could improve our product campaigns or streamline processes. Every question has value and brainstorming always leads to exciting outcomes. The fact that we seek feedback also makes us a premier career destination.”

We have many other perks to offer as well. To begin with, we provide a thorough training program and one-to-one coaching to ensure that our team members learn how to lead their own teams and run a branch office of their own. Associates are guided so they can master industry best practices through hands-on teaching in all things related to customer acquisitions.

Also, there is our company’s culture. Teamwork and achievement are encouraged through frequent team nights, friendly office contests, and perks like travel. We’re friends as well as coworkers, which creates an inviting atmosphere.

Our company is a unique and rewarding choice for go-getters who enjoy a satisfying challenge. Find out more about our training system, team, and culture by following Eclipse California on Instagram.