The Team That Plays Together Wins More

When we say we’re a team around our Eclipse California office, that’s more than just talk. We’re committed to working together to deliver results that reflect the best of our diverse talents and perspectives. The thing is, to be the best collective force in the customer acquisitions industry, we need to put in the effort to build a cohesive environment. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to do this that are fun.

Probably the most anticipated events are our Eclipse California team nights. We all look forward to these gatherings, which range from dinner at a favorite eatery to game nights where we challenge each other’s mental or physical prowess. We make sure each of these gatherings has a strong impact on our office environment by measuring our plans against the following criteria:

• Is It Inclusive?: When it comes to group outings, first and foremost, we want everyone to take part. This means ensuring that activities are ones in which everyone can participate, physically and culturally. By including team members in the planning phase, we can bypass any obstacles that might prohibit someone from joining in the fun.

• Does It Build Morale?: Another factor that weighs heavy on our plans is purpose. Each team event should be one that brings people closer together, opens the doors for communication and collaboration, and breaks down office silos.

• Is There an Element of Recognition?: Whenever we can, we give shout-outs to team members who have gone above and beyond during our events.

So, how well do we succeed in our mission to bring our team closer? Like Eclipse California on Facebook to see highlights from our events.