Why Public Speaking Skills Matter

Eclipse California is all about customer acquisition excellence, which means our team members are highly trained in presentations and how to connect with the public on behalf of our national service partners. We guess you could say we’re fortunate that public speaking is a skill we learn here because it’s truly an aptitude that will progress anyone’s career.

As we’ve learned through our Eclipse California campaigns, articulating messages is a life skill that can push anyone’s comfort zone. In fact, there are people who will go out of their way to avoid public speaking as a practice. However, no matter what industry someone is in, or their job titles, being able to present ideas clearly, concisely, and effectively is a skill that will take them further in their professional lives.

Public speaking success starts with knowing your audience. In fact, that’s the most important factor to consider when crafting any messages – who will be listening. When we know who the recipient is and what matters to them, our odds of having our presentation be positively received rise exponentially.

The other critical factor with presentations means understanding those subtle cues that people give which let us know if we’re on the right track or it’s time to change our approach. Eye contact, facial expressions, and posture are all indicators of our delivery’s effectiveness.

When we’re able to express ourselves in front of an audience of one or 100, we become more confident in our abilities overall. Follow Eclipse California on Instagram for more public speaking best practices.