Lessons From the Sports World to Drive Results

We’re not just your average sports fans in the Eclipse California office. Our philosophy and culture are aligned with what champions are made of, on and off the field. We teach the importance of sportsmanship and how it applies to success in the business world as well. In fact, Eclipse California’s leadership program is centered on how to think and behave like winners. Here are just a few of the lessons we impart as we help our people embrace a sports mind-set:

• Learn How to Play as a Team: No one player wins the game alone. Look at champion teams and you’ll find that everyone has an important role to play in concert with each other. To accomplish their goals, they need to understand what their position contributes and how their work impacts those around them. Real team players lift each other and help fellow members succeed, because it reflects their own victories in the end.

• Learn From Losses and Wins Alike: Coaches spend considerable time post-game reviewing tapes to look for opportunities to improve before the next match. Adopting a mentality of reflecting on victories and defeats will help us identify ways in which we can be stronger and undefeatable going forward.

• Set Sights on Victory: Of course, with everything in life, we need to know what our end results should be. With a clear vision and a path to achieve it, combined with the right resources and surrounded by the best people, we can accomplish anything.

By taking a sports-oriented approach to work and life, we embrace a positive, determined mentality that will serve us well. Follow Eclipse California on Instagram for more on how we’re scoring big.