How Group Experiences Shape Success for All

The Eclipse California culture of collaboration is the driving force behind our success. It’s the essence of our company, and our people maintain it. Fortunately, we’re a tight group. We keep our relationships strong by participating in various bonding activities.

Whenever it’s time to plan a group event, we look to other professionals for fresh ideas. These are some Eclipse California favorites:

  • Volunteer Work: Rachel Beider of Massage Greenpoint says, “When our company volunteers together it creates a positive, intimate space for bonding over our shared values and goals. It feels amazing to interact with the community, and we come home feeling great that at the end of the day, we made an impact.”
  • Happy Hours: According to’s Kristopher Jones, “My start-up was purchased by a major software design company last year. Fortunately, this came with many perks. Our parent company throws happy hour parties every month with live entertainment, great food, and friends and family. This is a great way for the team to meet new people we coordinate with on different marketing strategies and it ultimately brings us closer together.”
  • Golf: “The best part about golf is that there is also a lot of time to talk both business and pleasure,” states Ice Shaker’s Chris Gronkowski. “Golf also gives the team something to chatter about during the week, and is an occasion we all look forward to.”

These activities help us stay cohesive. Follow Eclipse California on Newswire to get details about our upcoming relationship-building events.