Join Us as We Move into New Markets

The business world is developing rapidly, largely in accordance with the evolution of technology. We innovate and stay ahead of industry trends to keep Eclipse California’s competitive edge. Doing so allows us to continue exceeding expectations for the companies we serve.

As we expand our reach in new markets, we are adding even more partners to the Eclipse California portfolio. There’s huge demand for our consulting and marketing solutions, so we’re on-boarding associates to maintain the pace. “Our 2017 year has been huge. We are looking forward to opening 10 new positions in the coming months.”

These are the ways our associates benefit from joining Eclipse California:

  • Nonstop Learning: New hires start training from their first days with us. They learn about all aspects of our firm, and they do so on a hands-on basis. Even after the initial program, our people continue to receive education by attending conferences and other industry events.
  • Limitless Support: Our coaching program pairs people with experienced associates. This focused guidance ensures that everyone gets what they need to excel. What’s more, our office culture is steeped in attitudes of encouragement.
  • Self-Guided Advancement: We are masters of our own careers. We set goals that align with our values, and receive promotions once we demonstrate our readiness. There are no limits to where we can go.

If you’d like to grow with us, apply online or check out our Newswire for more details about our careers.