A Few Hints for Quick and Easy Learning

Learning and growth are distinct aspects of Eclipse California life. We take every possible chance to acquire fresh knowledge and hone our abilities, knowing that doing so will help us stay ahead of the competition. With our busy schedules, it may not seem like we have much time for such educational efforts. By breaking up our learning into small chunks throughout each day, however, we make it happen.

For instance, reading a chapter of a book (or listening to one via audiobook) only takes about 10 to 15 minutes. A chapter while commuting to and from the Eclipse California office, or just before bed each night, leads to quite a bit of enlightenment before long.

Whenever we hear an unfamiliar word or a reference to a subject we don’t fully grasp, we take a few minutes with Google. It’s perfect on-the-spot learning. In fact, this practice often helps us gain helpful insights in a shorter amount of time than the standard television commercial break.

We’re all big fans of podcasts. The options are endless. We listen to our favorites when doing routine activities like checking email and completing household chores. What’s more, TED Talks, YouTube tutorials, and Netflix documentaries are great replacements for mindless cable programs.

We discovered that these small learning sessions help us retain information better than extensive, time-consuming study. Follow Eclipse California on Instagram to get more growth strategies like these.