Thanks for Setting a High Performance Standard, Mike

Recognizing each other for going above and beyond the call of duty is a common Eclipse California practice. This month, we wanted to give a shout-out to one of our team members here on our blog, letting him and all our readers know just how impressed we are with his efforts.

“Mike was recently promoted to assistant manager, where he continues to impress with his performance;” stated Austin, President of Eclipse California. “He is energetic and a real go-getter, with a great attitude and an outstanding work ethic. I am certain that he will accomplish amazing things in his career, and I look forward to watching him grow.”

There are many reasons that we’ve made recognition part of our normal daily routine. A sincere thanks feels good, for example, and team members deserve to know that they are doing good work. Perhaps one of the central motives behind our many displays of gratitude has to do with another Eclipse California principle – leadership. When our executives perform their duties in exemplary ways, they are being leaders. We want their peers to follow their examples, and by publicly recognizing their actions we promote leadership throughout our team.

Congratulations on earning a promotion and maintaining your momentum, Mike! We’re happy to have you on our team. To find out more about our commitment to values like recognition and leadership, follow Eclipse California on Facebook.