PRESS RELEASE: Eclipse California Invites People to Design Exciting Careers

CERRITOS, CA – Eclipse California is flourishing in the sales and marketing field. As a result, the company President is hiring ambitious individuals who are passionate about innovation. He described the perks available to business-focused people.

“We’re hiring once again,” said Austin, the President of Eclipse California. “The ideal candidate is driven, motivated, and open to learning. Together, these traits represent the mind-set that is the essence of our culture. We heavily invest in such individuals, providing them with various benefits. Personal and professional growth opportunities top the list.”

Eclipse California management knows the team is integral to the success of the firm. That’s why they challenge hard workers to advance along the path to leadership. It’s a merit-based system, so team members are promoted once they master the abilities and knowledge needed to move forward. A comprehensive approach to learning ensures a fulfilling career journey.

“We don’t offer typical jobs,” Austin stated. “If you’re hungry for a long-term professional opportunity, our firm fits the bill. We want to help you fulfill your vision for success. Contact us to learn more, or apply online today.”

Eclipse California President Reviews the Firm’s Training and Coaching Regimen

According to Austin, the company’s human resources policy includes intensive training. It’s a flexible program, so it is easily scaled to meet all sorts of individual requirements. Management employs educational formats like classroom teaching and hands-on instruction. This way, effective knowledge transfer is a given. The firm’s leaders also pair new hires with experienced colleagues, who offer focused coaching. Limitless support and constructive feedback ensure Eclipse California’s success.

“Our training and coaching methods form the Young Entrepreneur Program,” continued Austin. “Trainees move through each area of our business, acquiring the experience needed to achieve big business goals. The program is fully immersive, so people learn everything from market research and public speaking to buyer psychology and strategic planning. On top of it all, camaraderie radiates throughout our workplace. Nonstop peer-to-peer encouragement further facilitates the development of all.”

“The Young Entrepreneur Program, coupled with our vibrant office culture, makes our company unlike any other,” Austin concluded. “These things lead to head-turning campaigns and high standing in our community. We intend to maintain our reputation far into the future, hiring and shaping people into leaders who meet our gold standard. As always, we’ll recognize and reward them for their efforts. Our commitment to excellence extends from our firm to our people and beyond.”

About Eclipse California:

Eclipse California is home to the region’s top customer acquisitions experts. Their mission is to engage targeted people and spark interest in top-level home enhancement solutions. The firm’s associates use a flexible approach to marketing and consulting. They combine it with their passion and professionalism to dim the chaos of the marketplace. Their expert delivery brings companies and consumers together for lasting growth. By encouraging associates to progress along a clear path to advancement while acquiring knowledge and taking risks every day, they attain maximum results. Their commitment to excellence makes a big impact in all they do. Visit to learn more about the values that shape the firm’s success.