An Exceptional Team With an Exceptional Opportunity

There’s nothing run of the mill about an Eclipse California team member. We have the perfect mix of positivity and drive for success, and our office culture is designed to keep us that way. If this sounds like the career break you’ve been waiting for, we have good news: our firm is growing. We have dominated the industry in our territory, and we are ready to expand in the near future.

As soon as a person finishes our interview process, he or she finds themselves supported by our learning system. We make it a priority to help our people achieve their personal and professional potential by providing hands-on training and one-to-one coaching. Our company travel program makes it possible for team members to meet industry leaders at conferences as well.

All our mentors and trainers started their Eclipse California careers in entry-level positions, because we believe in promoting from within. This means they’re teaching from practical experience, not just theory, and with their wisdom, our newest team members are able to quickly advance their careers.

We’re seeking go-getters to join our team. If your friends would describe you as outgoing, eager to learn, and driven, you’ll fit right in. Visit our Careers page if you’re ready to submit your résumé, or like Eclipse California on Facebook to learn more about our team, our industry, and our company culture.