Everyone Has the Chance to Travel on Our Team

There are many perks to joining our team, one of the most sought-after being our Eclipse California travel program. We provide many chances throughout the year for our people to visit other offices, help scout out new markets, or attend retreats and seminars.

“The conditions for each trip vary, but when choosing who attends the conferences, we look for the top performers. These are the men and women who show me they’re serious about their careers with their actions and attitudes,” stated Austin, President of Eclipse California. “Our industry events include hands-on training, and the chance to share best practices with other sharp professionals from across the country.”

Austin continued discussing conference attendance, saying, “This one-of-a-kind training is not only an honor, but it’s also not the kind of knowledge that can be found during the course of a normal workday. That makes it even more important for as many people from our team to attend as possible. Also, there is an awards ceremony that gives those who have achieved recent milestones the chance to share their stories. I always come home feeling inspired, and also motivated by seeing just how much success a person can find in this field.”

Business travel is an investment, but one that pays huge dividends. See where our top producers are heading next by liking Eclipse California on Facebook.