Proud of Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Philanthropy is more than a good idea to us; it’s a value that informs the way Eclipse California operates. We think it’s important for small businesses to come together and create a positive impact within their community, so we look for ways to get involved and support those in need.

Our giveback efforts get to the core of what we’re all about. We find that by fostering a strong connection between our firm and the nonprofits in the area, we achieve more than temporary good feeling. We create higher levels of satisfaction and motivation within the team.

Even more importantly, our CSR program helps us see our career goals with a newfound sense of purpose. When we pursue success in our professional roles, we know we’re also creating the conditions for positive change in the community. As we succeed, Eclipse California thrives, and the better the firm is doing, the more time and resources we can devote to giving back.

By using our professional skills for community outreach programs, we also build team pride. We do more than make a profit as part of this team: we make a difference as well. And since we choose the causes we support as a group, we feel a greater sense of ownership over the projects.

We appreciate the chance to give back to the community that has supported our company’s success. See where our social giving takes us next by following Eclipse California on Instagram.