How We Define the Ideal Candidate

As we look to grow Team Eclipse California once again, we’re focused on finding the ideal talent to come aboard. For us, that means identifying people who are confident and ready to challenge the status quo. Those who want to take control of their professional futures will feel right at home in our workspace. Here are a few other attributes we’ll be looking for as we evaluate potential hires:

• Problem-Solving Skills: This goes not just for overcoming obstacles, but for finding alternate paths to success as well. We want our associates to be able to adapt to any type of situation. Those who are flexible and keep open minds will thrive as members of our team.

• Reliability: We also want to find people who will uphold Eclipse California’s core values. This includes things like honesty, integrity, and resolve. It’s essential that we find candidates who are willing to go the extra mile while still living out our guiding principles.

• Desire to Improve: New hires receive all the training they need to thrive. All we ask is that they’re ready to learn and grow from day one. Ongoing education is a major part of our culture, so anyone who joins our team will need to be ready to improve every day.

We’re excited to meet with top-flight candidates in the weeks to come. Follow Eclipse California on LinkedIn to learn more about available positions and what we look for in new hires.