We’re Traveling to Cancun, and Expanding Our Team Too!

Travel is one of the most exciting reasons to join our team, and the Eclipse California office is buzzing about our next trip: an R&R retreat in sunny Cancun! Only a few select team members earned an invite, and they worked very hard for the last 12 months to do so.

Along with fun in the sun before dancing the night away, the retreat will also be filled with networking. Industry leaders from inside and out of the U.S. will be there, making this a once-in-lifetime chance to connect with the best of the best in customer acquisitions.

While Austin, Eclipse California’s President, got an invitation to the retreat as well, he won’t be attending. Instead, he’ll be staying in California to continue working on an upcoming office expansion. We know the value of relaxing, but when there’s work to be done, Austin is always the first one there. The new office will open up even more travel prospects for our team, since we’ll be able to go back and forth between locations, and of course this opens up chances for new people to join our growing firm.

We live by the ideal that when we work hard today, we set ourselves up to live in luxury in the future. That’s what this Cancun trip embodies, and even more importantly, it’s why Austin is taking a pass on it this year. To see content from the trip and to stay informed of our expansion, like Eclipse California on Facebook.