Building on the Knowledge and Momentum We’ve Gained

It’s been a great year for everyone on our team, and we have a plan to make sure that we finish 2018 strong. Just as importantly, we’re looking to the future: we have Eclipse California goals in place to make sure 2019 is even more spectacular, and strategies to achieve them.

For instance, we’re reviewing what’s known as the customer journey for the new year. We want to make sure that the transition from a prospect, to a lead, to a customer, and then to a loyal customer is as smooth and pleasant as possible. In doing so, we empower Team Eclipse California to hit even more ambitious sales targets in 2019.

Also, we are actively seeking everyone’s feedback on the past year. We want to revisit any policies or procedures that might not be as efficient or effective as they ought to be, just as we’d like to do even more of what went well. We ask targeted questions and consider each response. When we spend time reflecting on the activities of the last twelve months, we become better at reaching our potential while promoting the company’s mission and values.

Finally, we seek out expert opinions that will guide us in our decisions. Outsider perspectives can provide insights that we might miss, either because our behaviors have become so habitual or because others simply have more knowledge in a specific area.

Once we’ve wrapped up Q4, we’re looking forward to putting our plans in place to make 2019 our greatest year ever. Follow our progress by following Eclipse California on Instagram.