Try Dressing Sharp for More Success

Conversations around the Eclipse California office can venture into a variety of topics, most recently being what it means to dress professionally. In the customer acquisition industry, properly attired individuals exude more confidence not only for themselves, but on behalf of the partners they represent. Our clothing sends a message about how seriously we treat ourselves as business pros and the pride we take in the jobs we do.

When it comes to what’s considered appropriate business wear, there are a variety of standards we’ve noted in our Eclipse California discussions. However, three key points tend to be common across all best practices on dressing for success:

• Focus on Quality and Tailored Clothing: Even a suit can look shabby if it’s poorly made. When buying professional clothing, look for high-quality materials that will stand up to repeated wear. If needed, have your pants, skirts, blazers, or suitcoats tailored to fit your body shape, which will create a more polished look.

• Make Sure Everything Is Clean and Pressed: The night before, take time to press your outfit for the following day. If you have pets, be sure to keep a lint remover handy to remove stray animal hairs.

• Don’t Forget Your Shoes: We should shine from top to bottom, which is why it’s crucial to polish our shoes and remove scuff marks.

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