Become an Effective Public Speaker By Using These Tips

We include public speaking strategies as part of our Eclipse California training program, because we know how much of an impact this skill can make on a person’s career. These are some of the techniques we share:

• Connect Emotionally: The most memorable Eclipse California presentations grab the attention of our audiences with memorable stories or moving video. The quicker emotional rapport can be established, the more opportunity we have to persuade our listeners to our way of thinking.

• Establish Credentials: Most often speakers are asked to speak because they are subject-matter experts. We like to mention the accomplishments and awards that make us qualified to give the talk up front, so that the audience can rest assured that they want to know what we know.

• Make Your Expectations Clear: There is a classic formula for public speaking that’s also very simple. First, explain to your listeners what your speech is about. Next, give them the speech. Finally, remind them what the speech was about. This three-tiered approach practically guarantees that your message will be received.

• Define the Action Step: We always close our talks by letting the audience know what they should do next, and how to do it. The entire speech should lead up to this point, and a well-crafted presentation will make this seem like the logical conclusion.

These tips will assist you in becoming an effective presenter. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Newswire