Use Research to Become a More Effective Leader

Leadership is nuanced, and leaders rely on context and personal style. We on Team Eclipse California have also found science to be a helpful resource to help us lead well, with studies like the following giving us many helpful strategies.

For example, Dr. Sunni Giles, scientist and president of Quantum Leadership Group, asked almost 200 global leaders what they considered to be the 10 most important traits for those who lead. According to these moguls, the top trait is ethics. Values like honesty and courage are Eclipse California staples as well.

In a study by the Bell Leadership Institute that observed 2,500 workers over the course of two years, one of the most vital qualities in a manager was a good sense of humor. Not just any type humor would work though – sarcasm and showing off weren’t valued – but when a leader could make the team laugh in a kind way, it boosted output, morale, and creativity.

Another bit of research we apply comes from a Gallup poll that included 10,000 people. The study showed that trust, compassion, stability, and hope were the top four features linked with good leadership, and that by organizing giveback events a person would be showing those traits.

Science has given us many leadership strategies that have made a positive impact on our team.