Use These Tips to Set Effective Goals (and Reach Them)

Success comes in many forms, but no one ever accomplished anything significant without goals. These are some of the tips we share in our Eclipse California training program to help our associates set effective objectives.

First, it’s important to get perfectly clear on what we’re trying to achieve. Just as making a vague order at a restaurant might not get us the food we want, a nonspecific objective might not provide us with the results we desire. Another way to think about the importance of clarity is this: is it easier to hit a target we can clearly see, or one that’s blurry?

Then, we consider how much time we want to take in reaching our goals. If we aren’t certain, we pick a deadline and go with it. Time constraints apply positive pressure, helping us prioritize, focus, and stay organized. If the time factor alone doesn’t motivate us, we’ll tell an Eclipse California colleague what we’re working toward and ask them to help us stay accountable.

Finally, we encourage our team members to build and maintain confidence. Self-assurance is a powerful motivator, and can often provide the extra energy we need to overcome a challenge or take a calculated risk. Also, when we believe in ourselves, it helps others believe in us as well.

For consistent and noteworthy achievement, goals are essential. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Newswire