Guidelines for Asking for Career Advancement

Helping our people achieve their personal and professional goals is a consistent priority for our Eclipse California management team. We offer many chances for career advancement. We emphasize merit and attitude when making promotions. Of course, it is also helpful when associates say that they feel ready for new responsibilities. Here are some guidelines for asking about advancing.

Don’t worry too much about waiting for the right time to ask. Every company is different, but in many cases, it is better to inquire early. However, be realistic about your own readiness. Evaluate your current performance and the needs of any new responsibilities you may take on. Look at others who have received promotions and consider whether your performance lines up with that baseline.

Have an open conversation with your manager about current work and the needs of the position to which you would like to be promoted. At Eclipse California, we have frequent chats to give feedback to our team. Many companies have similar setups. These check-in points are often the best times to talk about advancement.

As with any persuasive communication, frame your request in terms of how you can offer more value to the team. Give examples of how you have been working toward being ready for a promotion. If you can show that your skills line up with the needs of the new job, you will have a good chance of getting a yes.

These guidelines for asking about promotions will help you get ahead. Learn more about this by liking Eclipse California on Instagram.