Kicking Off 2019 With Dallas Conference

We always like to tackle a new year with enthusiasm around Eclipse California HQ, so we’re excited for the upcoming quarterly networking conference in Dallas. Select members of our team will head to the heart of Texas to receive hands-on training and meet other top performers from our industry. This first conference of the year is a great way to set the tone for hitting our goals. We expect it to be a launching pad for expansion throughout 2019.

Trips like our Dallas excursion fortify the bonds between our associates. There’s something about learning together in a fresh context that draws people closer. The same is true for exploring new places and taking in everything a city has to offer. There’s no shortage of great restaurants and attractions to enjoy in Dallas, so those who attend are sure to create lasting memories.

We also sharpen our time management skills when we head out to industry events. Especially at a function like the Dallas networking conference, we have to spread out the amount of time we spend connecting with people. As we add valuable names to our contact lists, we also need to find time to listen to speeches and attend breakout sessions. We come back to the Eclipse California office even better equipped to handle the demands of our evolving industry.

The Dallas conference will be a springboard to a successful year. Like Eclipse California on Facebook for more on this excursion and all our team travel events.