Create a Culture That Encourages Teamwork

We are committed to a company culture where teamwork is encouraged and rewarded. These are some of the ways we nurture our cooperative Eclipse California culture:

• Create Roles With Clarity: We take the time to clearly define the duties that come with each Eclipse California role so that our team members don’t have to waste any energy wondering what to do. Instead, we focus on doing.

• Model a Growth Mind-Set: Successful companies empower their people to think creatively and take smart risks. This is why we make sure to talk about the importance of adopting a growth mind-set, which is at the core of innovation in the office. Just as importantly, our managers model this trait while spotting it in others.

• Discuss the Purpose: Our company has a mission, and many smaller goals adopted by different teams and divisions that support our primary purpose. We point out how all these aims fit together in the big picture, which helps individuals feel connected to the whole.

• Provide Appropriate Resources: To make sure everyone feels like an important and respected member of our team, we ensure that our associates have all the resources required to complete a project well. While physical and financial supplies are what many people think of first, training and support are both invaluable assets for success as well.

Building a team of high performers who work together is of utmost importance. Find out more about our team-building strategies by following Eclipse California on Facebook.