Our Company Culture Supports Organizational Success

Team Eclipse California works hard every day, and one of the ways we reward ourselves is with relaxing team nights. Getting together away from the workplace and having fun gives our office atmosphere a positive vibe and inspires executives to continue working toward their goals.

Maintaining a healthy, united work culture has always been a top Eclipse California priority, which means investing in strong workplace bonds. This is what makes our team nights so important: when we get together to eat dinner or play games, we’re able to connect with each other on a deeper, more personal level than we could achieve during the course of a normal busy workday. Not only does this lead to high morale in the office, but it strengthens communication channels too. Increased output and engagement are the results.

While our team nights are useful, we also rely on the power of recognition to keep camaraderie strong. We make a point of publicly congratulating those who win our weekly challenges, while also honoring those who hit goals on their career journeys. When people feel valued, they’re moved to put even more effort into their work in the future.

Our culture is one of the pillars of our company’s success, with team nights and recognition being two ways we keep our culture strong. Learn more about our office milieu by liking Eclipse California on Facebook.