We Offer So Many Career-Boosting Perks

There are plenty of reasons to love being part of Team Eclipse California. For our associates, many of these reasons revolve around professional growth. From their first days on the job, our team members receive in-depth training from seasoned performers. Things only get better from there, with an array of career-boosting options like these:

• Travel Incentives: We give our people chances to attend national conferences, exotic retreats, and cross-training trips to other top offices. Every time our team members represent Eclipse California far from home, they get to expand their knowledge base, and bring fresh ideas back to our workspace.

• Networking Options: Our people get to add to their contact lists at all types of industry gatherings. Conferences and training events are especially productive in terms of networking. Our team giveback efforts also make it easier to make new connections, including local leaders and all types of businesspeople.

• Team Outings: We also organize a wide range of group activities for our team members. Morale-building outings come in all shapes and sizes, including regular team dinners and bowling nights. Leaving their work roles for a while leads to stronger bonds. Our associates always seem to carry uplifting energy back to bolster their teamwork on the job.

The perks our people enjoy lead to greater career heights. To learn more about the ways we help our team members thrive, follow Eclipse California on LinkedIn.