Team Members Sent to National Networking Conference

A group of Eclipse California associates recently traveled to Dallas, Texas to take part in a national conference. This trip was focused on learning, meeting new people, and generally growing as professionals. We strive to offer regular options for our people to get out on the road. Business travel is often a win-win for the company and individual.

This conference included professionals from all over the country. The main purpose of the event was for the attendees to learn about leadership and other business skills. Experts offered hands-on training and seminars. It was an excellent opportunity to delve deeper into innovative market best practices.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the conference for our Eclipse California team members was the networking. There were so many of our peers from other companies at the event. We had the opportunity to share some of our success stories. We also learned about the ideas that have been effective in other markets.

Travel is a great way to reward our top-performing associates. For each gathering, we select people who have recently been exceeding their goals to attend. We also consider who will benefit the most from the topic of the event. All our team members have the chance to go to any given getaway.

This Dallas conference was very exciting for our team. Find more on Eclipse California events by checking out our Newswire.