Skills Like Public Speaking Accelerate Our Careers

Our Eclipse California training system, which we have named the Young Entrepreneur Program, is designed to prepare team members to thrive at every stage of their career journeys. From day one we begin immersing trainees in every facet of our operation, sharing both business 101 skills and success strategies that will help them thrive in this or any other industry.

One of the professional competencies we prioritize at Eclipse California in our learning system is public speaking. This has always been a challenging topic for people to master – even the Buddha mentioned the fear of speaking in public assembly as one of the five great fears over 2500 years ago – and in our modern digital age there are even fewer chances to practice this skill.

Fortunately, being comfortable in front of an audience is something anyone can learn to do, and once learned it has the power to launch a person’s career. Our firm’s trainers have all the necessary tools to help us build the needed confidence to stand up in front of a group of strangers and take charge of the room. What’s more, public speaking is an advanced networking strategy as well, in that it’s a way of introducing ourselves to large groups of professionals at a time. Then once our speech is over, potential contacts come to us!

We prepare our people to thrive, and public speaking is just one of the many skills we teach. Find out more about our thorough training program by following Eclipse California on Facebook.