Passion Drives Our Continuing Success

At Eclipse California, our focus is on transforming passionate people into successful entrepreneurs. Passion is what drives us every day and allows us to zoom past our growth goals. As we look ahead to even bigger wins in the future, we need strong individuals who can overcome challenges and have the drive to push past obstacles. With the right combination of a growth mind-set, motivation to succeed, and a genuine love for what we do, anyone who comes on board will be well-positioned to thrive.

When we evaluate potential hires, we use a couple of key strategies to find passionate candidates. We ask about the achievements each person is most proud of, but we take things a step further. Rather than just the details of what they did, we want to know why the person was so pleased to have done it. This is a good way to identify folks who will push through resistance and take risks to rack up big wins.

Body language is also key when trying to find passionate people during interviews. The tone of voice a person uses and the way his or her eyes light up when talking about their previous experiences are vital indicators. If someone exudes confidence and energy during our first meeting, we know we’ve found a good fit for our spirited Eclipse California work culture.

We’re ready to add new talent to our roster. Check out the Eclipse California Newswire feed for updates on our hiring push.